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Our optimisation process is meticulously designed to prevent over-payment and avoid unnecessary resource allocation across all technology services, ensuring they are precisely tailored to individual needs.

At the core of this process is a comprehensive analysis that determines if adjustments in service plans, subscriptions, or resource allocations could lead to cost savings for the Client. This includes a thorough evaluation of:

  • Zero-use items: Identifying and addressing resources or services that are not being utilised.

  • Staff Changes: Monitoring the impact of new starters and leavers on service requirements.

  • Inactive Assets: Assessing devices or services currently not in use or on pause.

  • Usage Patterns: Analysing usage data across all technology platforms, from mobile services to cloud-based applications.


Through benchmarking and trend analysis, we monitor a wide range of usage and service patterns, encompassing everything from communication services to cloud computing and software licensing. This in-depth analysis is pivotal in identifying trends and anomalies that inform negotiations for service terms and in optimising overall technology expense management.

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