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Technology Expense Management

What Does TEM Stand For?

TEM stands for Technology Expense Management

What is Telecom Expense Management?

Technology Expense Management is the proactive management of telephony, network and IT billing resulting in improved control and decreased costs to the organisation.

What is Telecom Expense Management?

The primary driving force behind TEM is financial.

Proactive technology management can substantially decrease the organisations overall technology expenditure.


It further facilitates improved knowledge and bench marking potential of technology data, enabling greater inefficiencies to be identified in terms of tariff validation and optimisation.

Why Choose Temis?

Temis was established in 1995 to deliver efficiency and simplification to the changing face of telecoms and now a technology management.


We fully appreciate that organisations have varying and changing requirements and tight deadlines that need to be adhered to.  We strongly believe in treating our customers individually in favour of subjecting them to user-groups or lengthy waiting times for reports.

Do we Really Need to Outsource Technology Expense Management? Could we Just do it Ourselves?

As with all business process outsourcing, you could implement TEM internally.  It would require the investment of regularly updated software and a team with a comprehensive understanding of the technology market, suppliers, trends and the pre-requisite understanding of translating large quantities of data into a usable format.


This would also require sufficient hardware to facilitate the processing of the data.


The vast majority of global and national corporations favour outsourcing TEM, including the British Government, who have identified over 20% cost savings in outsourcing their  Technology Expense Management.

Who Uses TEM?

Most medium and large organisations could benefit from outsourced Telecom Expense Management and the advanced analytics and reporting benefits.


Typical clients that implement our TEM solutions:


  • Utilise over 1,000 telecoms devices.

  • Want to decrease their telecoms expenditure.

  • Want to proactively manage their telecoms estate.

Does Temis Have a Preferred Telecoms Supplier That They Work With?

Temis operate completely independently from all service providers and act in the best interests of our clients at all times.

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