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Services Portfolio

At Temis, we provide comprehensive Technology Expense Management for a diverse range of technology-related services. Our expertise extends across various domains to ensure efficient and cost-effective management of your technology expenses.

Telephony Services:

  • Mobile Services: Management of costs and plans for mobile communications.

  • Fixed Lines: Including PSTN, VOIP, and SIP, ensuring efficient cost allocation and service optimization.

  • Audio/Video Conferencing: Overseeing the expenses related to virtual meeting technologies.


Cloud and Data Services:

  • Comprehensive management of cloud-based service charges, including data storage and processing.

  • WAN and LAN Services: Overseeing costs associated with wide area network and local area network services.

  • Internet Circuits: Managing expenses related to internet connectivity and bandwidth.

  • Hosting Charges: Ensuring cost-effective solutions for web and application hosting services.

  • Security: Overseeing expenses related to cybersecurity measures and software.

  • MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) Charges: Managing costs associated with network or infrastructure changes.


Software and Licensing:

  • Office 365 and Other Software Licenses: Managing costs associated with software licensing, including various subscription models.

  • Active Directory: Overseeing charges related to user identity and access management services.

  • Bundles: Managing bundled services and ensuring cost-effective solutions.


In addition, we handle project cost recharges, ensuring transparency and accuracy in attributing project-related expenses. Our service is designed to adapt to the evolving technological landscape, ensuring our clients receive the most efficient and cost-effective management of their technology expenses.

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