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Temis solutions are tailored to best fit the needs of each of our Client’s to ensure maximum return on investment.
Telecom Expense Management
We offer a complete end-to-end process on Telecom Expense Management from receiving Client telecoms invoices to the preparation of Journals with prescribed cost center allocation for the direct journal import into our Clients accounting software.

Billing Receipt & Processing

Client telecoms related invoices are received directly by Temis in paper, electronic or a combination of formats.  This alleviates Client administration and processing burden freeing up key staff for other responsibilities.   Billing data is then inputted by the team at Temis into our proprietary software.

HR Update

Our database is updated with starter and leaver details which are generally exported from our Client’s HR system.  This helps us to identify new employees as well as the ones who have left the company.  This reduces Client administration time and improves the accuracy of our reporting, facilitating a more accurate decision making process.

Further, this solves the occasional mystery of who has what phone in addition to aiding the precise apportionment of telecoms cost.


Data is run through an initial 3 stage validation process:


Stage 1 Verify the account details against the database.

Are the lines being billed allocated to us?

Are there new lines?

Have cancelled lines definitely been cancelled?

Stage 2 Check the rental and usage values are within the Client specified limits.
Stage 3 Validate the charge rate against the contract tariffs.


The validation concerns the vast processing of data combined with extensive industry knowledge and expertise.  Incorrect rates, values and billing items may have been inadvertently applied incorrectly by the telecoms providers.


The optimisation process prevents the over-payment and unnecessary over-provisioning of tariffs that will not always be fit-for-purpose at an individual level.

Fundamentally, the process of optimisation determines if a change of tariff would result in a decrease cost to the Client.  It factors in:

  • Zero-use items – Excluding previously identified legitimate zero use devices from the process.
  • Starters & Leavers
  • Devices in Hiatus.

Bench marking is then used to monitor call and usage patterns to identify trends that can be used in tariff negotiations.

Employee Personal Call Reimbursement

Personal calls during working hours obviously creates a myriad of issues aside from the augmented telecoms cost.

Recharge of the cost of personal telecoms usage acts as a deterrent to excessive use, with the potential of expense reduction, improved workplace cohesion and productivity gain.  Communications and personal call logging are managed through the web portal.

Once the reporting is completed, Journals are passed to the Payroll department for employee recharge and the reports will be available to designated management for oversight.

Policies & Procedures

The structure of resolution can be prefixed to the Client’s policies and procedures with the provision of response templates with quick answer and forwarding capability.  This results in:

  • Minimised cost in employee time resolving the issue.
  • Structured response facilitates better reporting.
  • Reporting continuity and the alleviation of delays caused by management absence. The issue can simply be passed to the next authorized person within the hierarchy.
Dashboards & Reporting

Data will be made available via intuitive email reports as well as the interactive dashboards.  The dashboards provision full user-specific data visibility incorporating permission based access and have proved an effective method for tracking relevant metrics and process across the telecom estate.

Dashboards and reports will be reviewed as part of the quarterly meetings to ensure they continue to be useful and fit the needs of the Client.  We fully appreciate the periodic urgency for custom reports and dashboards within a short time frame and will always do our best to accommodate these within the required deadline at our agreed standard consultancy rate.

Financial Month-End Process

The financial journals are prepared and made available to the finance team for direct import into the accounting software.  The Telecoms cost is verified and factors in the cost center allocation and any miscellaneous cost apportionment for management accounting preparation.

This process gives the finance team confidence in the veracity of the telecom related charges to authorize these invoices for payment.

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