Telecom Expense Management for the Public Sector

Efficiency, Quality, Speed and Cost Reduction

Temis, Telecom Expense Management for the Public Sector

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) makes sound financial sense to public sector bodies looking to achieve sustainable cost reduction without compromising on the quality, efficiency or speed of service delivery from their telecoms provider.


Best of all, TEM is a self-funded exercise.


In addition to the savings achievable through ensuring the correct billing on telecoms (retrospectively and on an ongoing basis), tariffs can be optimised for cost effectiveness and forecasts done to ensure future suitability.


Outsourcing the administrative burden of telecoms expense management alleviates  internal pressures in both the IT and Finance departments.


Identifying personal call charges, whether these are recharged to employees or not can improve workforce cohesion and further reduce personal use, thereby generating additional savings and productivity gain.


The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has recently identified a 20% potential saving from implementing Telecom Expense Management.

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Temis manages over £1bn in telecoms expenditure, saving our customers in excess of £100m.

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