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How can Temis Benefit your Organisation?

At Temis, we work with our clients to alleviate overspend on their telecommunications and maximize the return on investment, leveraging the buying power of the group as a whole to minimise the overall cost.

Why do Companies Switch to our TEM Solution?

Clients choose to switch to Temis Telecom Expense Management solutions for a multitude of reasons. These primarily fall into three categories:




We pride ourselves on high quality service delivery.  Our customers needs’ are individual and we utilise our extensive experience in telecoms to deliver and surpass those needs.

Achieving the highest return on investment from the telecom estate coupled with useful management information enabling the decision makers to make informed decisions and ascertain future telecom requirements.




Telecom Expense Management is generally a self-funded exercise. The British Government themselves have identified a 20% telecom saving through the implementation of TEM as an outsourced service, however the potential benefit is particular to the Client and current telecom provisioning.

Disproportionately low pricing has a tendency to result in a delivery shortfall or mid-term price hikes. Temis are transparent at the outset. Pricing, agreed deliverables and expectations are confirmed during the implementation process.

Regular client communication and dedicated account management ensures the Service Level Agreements are exceeded beyond client expectations.




Temis believe in prompt delivery of service, accompanying traditional, customer centric values. We do not ascribe to the ‘User Group’ philosophy, preferring to meet our customers needs’ at an individual level and respond to requests swiftly and efficiently.

Client account management, separate from the support team, ensures that our clients needs’ are met and that service is delivered at a consistently high standard.

TEM Implementation

Switching TEM provider doesn’t have to be arduous.


We have a highly experienced Implementation Team who will work to the timescales that fit with your organisation to get you up and running as quickly as you require.


The team will implement an agreed migration plan to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day working.  Further, they will identify the immediate objectives coupled with longer term ambitions to ensure continued ROI and customer satisfaction.

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Temis manages over £1bn in telecoms expenditure, saving our customers in excess of £100m.

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