About Temis Systems Ltd

About Temis Systems Ltd


Exasperated by the inefficiency and complexity of corporate telecoms management, Nigel Pilcher and Simon Byatt, founded Solnet (rebranded to Temis in 2013) to deliver a solution to the problem.


They identified that organisations were either struggling to control, or simply ignoring the sheer volume and complexity of telecoms data resulting in substantial telecoms overspend.


Utilising their combined, extensive knowledge of  telecommunications and IT they created a sophisticated suite of software to facilitate an enhance billing and management service to some of the biggest companies in the United Kingdom.


Solnet was founded on traditional values and a customer centric focus which has been instilled into our staff training and working practices as the company has grown, evolved and developed into Temis.

How We Work

The team at Temis are flexible and highly collaborative in helping Clients to achieve their results.

We fully take-on-board that whilst each Client has a similar end-goal in terms of achieving an efficient and cost effective telecoms estate, their reporting, company ethos, policies and procedures will differ dramatically.  As such we believe in tailoring our solutions to the needs of each client.  We never rely on User-Groups and instead prefer to provide a high-quality solution that surpasses our Client’s expectations.

From the development and execution of the initial project plan to monthly updates, quarterly meetings, annual reviews and user queries, we are engaging with our Client’s at every level to ensure an exceptional service.

To Find out More About how Temis could benefit Your Organisation, or if you Simply Have a Couple of Questions:

  Call us on 01883 672123

  Email us at  sales@temis.co.uk

Temis manages over £1bn in telecoms expenditure, saving our customers in excess of £100m.

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